The American Patriot School promotes patriotism, independence, and responsibility through everyday learning. We recognize that all children can learn, and that each child is valued as a unique individual. We help our students feel safe and encourage strategies to assist them to do what is right. 



      The American Patriot School is a high-quality educational center,  incorporating environmental education practices that lay the foundation of environmental literacy. From day one, we believe in building independence, as independence builds confidence and perseverance. We focus on helping students become outstanding patriots, by teaching our nation's future leaders the true meaning of patriotism. In doing so, it is our mission to create an awareness among parents and educators about the importance of bringing patriotism to the forefront in classrooms and in the community. 

      The American Patriot School believes that learning is accomplished through the following

Seven Educational Principles: 

     1. Diversity in learning

     2. Empowering sound decision making

     3. Develop critical thinking skills

     4. Working collaboratively

     5. Sharing personal experiences

     6. Mutual respect

     7. Responsibility 


      The American Patriot School has a uniquely designed curriculum filled with proactive learning strategies that promote a natural growth of learning in students. Working with these materials and techniques forms a pattern that children carry over naturally to reading, writing, and mathematics, as each skill interlocks. Our educational curriculum offers opportunities for children to develop their full potential as they step out into the world as engaged, competent, responsible, and respectful citizens, with an understanding and appreciation that learning is for life.            


      To be a successful learner and maximize the full potential of our students, teachers identify how each child learns. Educational theorist Howard Garner developed the theory of multiple intelligences. He explained that people learn in different ways. Some learn in a kinesthetic manner, which means they need to learn by doing, while others may process information visually and/or auditorily.  

      Our goal is to discover how each child learns best. Differentiating instruction can be challenging, but through years of experience in the field of education, we've identified multiple strategies and learning styles that have been incorporated into various lessons, that ultimately increase the chances of meeting the needs of all students.


      Our students will experience many hours of learning in the great outdoors through interactive and physically engaging activities, where their creativity will open doors to the exploration of nature's complex ecological systems and imagine new worlds of their own. Students build memory strength, develop self-confidence, and learn to manage risks as they trip, stumble, fall, hurt, stand up and move right on. Research shows that the freedom of open space helps kids learn to focus, increase coordination, and  reduce stress.    



      Classrooms are designed to develop order, concentration, creativity, independence and communication. The American ideal is the basis of patriotism and education. At The American Patriot School, we take pride in respectfully displaying the American flag and patriotic banners in each of our classrooms. We present the significance in understanding the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance, by teaching what the flag represents and how to properly salute the flag. 

      Our teachers are proud to plant the seed of patriotism in their classrooms. They develop meaningful projects that allow students to learn about patriotism from veterans sharing experiences from their military service, as well as from local and national history. They find great things to say about our country and our country’s American heroes.

      We have high expectations for students in our classrooms and know they will meet or exceed their educational goals. The expectations are always specific and

developmentally appropriate. We only expect from our students what we are positive they can accomplish in a patient, caring and respectful environment.         




The American Patriot School